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Cat Owners Love Their Art
Cat Owners Love Their Art
The detail and quality is amazing, and we couldn’t be happier. Customer service was also quick to respond and super helpful.
— K.M.
Cat Owners Love Their Art
It was a Christmas gift...Love this portrait, and my husband does too!!
— B.M.
Cat Owners Love Their Art
Absolutely in love with all of their products! I have now ordered 10 total...their customer service is great too!
— J.D.
Cat Owners Love Their Art
Love this art. Mr Kitty passed away unexpectedly in May and this seemed like a fitting way to remember him. They do a great job of integrating your photo into the art.
— V.S.
Cat Owners Love Their Art
This photo is fantastic! The artistic did a wonderful job capturing the crazy eyes my kitten has. I love it!
— A.V.
Cat Owners Love Their Art
Bought the picture for my wife's birthday and we have both been surprised. Her by her cat dressed up properly for his ''rank'' and me by the high quality and speed of service.
— V.M.

Frequently Asked Questions!

🐾 What are custom pet portraits?

Custom pet portraits are special canvas prints of your pet created just for you. An artist makes a unique and personalized picture capturing your pet's appearance and personality.

🐾 How do you make a custom pet portrait?

Choose your favorite style from a variety of themes. Share a photo of your cat and order. We'll make it into an amazing picture for your home!

🐾 Are pet portraits worth it?

Yes! Pet portraits are worth it because they capture your furry friend's personality forever. They make great keepsakes and bring joy to pet owners

🐾 What type of pets do you create portraits of?

Our artists create portraits of all pets—dogs, cats, hamsters, even reptiles! If you love your pet, there's an artist ready to capture their cuteness.

🐾 What are my customization options?

You can choose styles and sizes. Share your ideas with the us and our artists can help make it unique, just like your pet!

🐾 How long does it take to create a pet portrait?

It varies, but usually a couple of days before the proof is ready. Artists want to make it perfect! Patience pays off for a paws-itively awesome portrait.

🐾 Is my pet's photo good quality?

Choose a pic where your cat sits or stands, showing off its cuteness up close! If unsure, ask for help—we're here to make the artwork perfect!

🐾 Can I see the artwork before print?

Absolutely! We'll share a preview. You get to check it out and make sure your pet looks perfect before it's turned into a print.