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Display Your Love for Your Furry Friend with a Custom Royal Cat Portrait on Canvas

Product Description

Every person who sees this royal cat portrait on canvas, wherever you display it, will know how much you cherish and love your cat. The perfect canvas print that showcases your cat's regal presence in your home and demands respect!

Canvas prints of royal cat portraits are crafted on high-quality artist stock, then expertly stretched and wrapped around wood fiberboard. These canvas frames boast a thickness of 1.25" and come equipped with hooks for effortless hanging. The inks used are specially designed to resist fading over time, ensuring that each royal cat painting remains artist-grade and OBA-free.

Portrait Dimensions:

  • 8" x 10"
  • 12" x 16"
  • 18" x 24"

How to Order Your Custom Royal Cat Portrait

Order Process: 1. Choose Costume. 2. Upload Photo. 3. Place Order.
  1. Upload a picture of your cat (or any other pet).
  2. One of our team of world-class artists will promptly reach out to you and transform your photo into a custom royal cat painting.
  3. You'll have the opportunity for unlimited revisions if necessary.
  4. Once approved, we'll produce and ship your bespoke royal cat portrait.

Selecting the Perfect Photo for Your Cat Royalty Painting

  • Our skilled artists will craft a custom masterpiece based on the photo you submit with your order.
  • The ideal photo should capture your pet sitting upright or standing majestically.
  • Ensure that the photo you provide is a high-quality close-up of your pet.

Not certain if your photo meets our standards? Simply contact us with the photo, and we will assess it for you.

When Can You Expect Your Custom Royal Cat Portrait?

Upon approving your artwork:

  • Fulfillment typically takes approximately 2-6 days.
  • Once fulfilled, you will receive a tracking number for your order.
    • For US deliveries, please allow 3-7 days.
    • International deliveries may take between 5-25 days.

How It Works?

🐾 Choose Your Favorite Style

Get super cool cat pictures! You can put your cat's face on things like posters, clothes, and decorations.

🐾 Pick the Art You Like

Check out lots of different styles, from funny to serious. Find the one that shows your cat's specialness!

🐾 Upload Your Cat's Photo

Share a photo of your cat, and we'll make it into an amazing picture for your home. Great for people who love cats or want a cat vibe at home.

🐾 Order Your Cat Art

Look through our collection and find the best cat art for you! Your art will be ready in a few days. You can ask for changes or say it's perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions!

😻 What are custom pet portraits?

Custom pet portraits are special canvas prints of your pet created just for you. An artist makes a unique and personalized picture capturing your pet's appearance and personality.

😻 How do you make a custom pet portrait?

Choose your favorite style from a variety of themes. Share a photo of your cat and order. We'll make it into an amazing picture for your home!

😻 Are pet portraits worth it?

Yes! Pet portraits are worth it because they capture your furry friend's personality forever. They make great keepsakes and bring joy to pet owners.

😻 What type of pets do you create portraits of?

Our artists create portraits of all pets—dogs, cats, hamsters, even reptiles! If you love your pet, there's an artist ready to capture their cuteness.

😻 What are my customization options?

You can choose styles and sizes. Share your ideas with the us and our artists can help make it unique, just like your pet!

😻 How long does it take to create a pet portrait?

It varies, but usually a couple of days before the proof is ready. Artists want to make it perfect! Patience pays off for a paws-itively awesome portrait.

😻 Is my pet's photo good quality?

Choose a pic where your cat sits or stands, showing off its cuteness up close! If unsure, ask for help—we're here to make the artwork perfect!

😻 Can I see the artwork before print?

Absolutely! We'll share a preview. You get to check it out and make sure your pet looks perfect before it's turned into a print.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Hayley Bender
Amazing & adorable

We absolutely love this print of our handsome boy! Planning to order one for each kitty soon!

Rebecca G.
Best thing we have ever bought

Honestly, it’s amazing. 10 outta 10, would recommend

Richmond Basa

The art was gorgeous and made my cat look more royal. Siomai, my cat, is awesome I would definitely get another. I think the medium size picture is perfect.

Eileen Karzen
Count Ivan

ArtYourCat created a magnificent portrait of my Russian Blue that I adore! It proudly hangs in my hallway along with the family portraits. Superb job!

King Felix's return
Pure perfection

What can I say. We love this. Love love love love! The artist managed to capture Felix's face PERFECTLY! I spent a lot of time to find the perfect picture of Felix which would reflect his personality. And Well just look at the final result, it is more than perfect! I had to print it here in Finland in order to get bigger one. This is 70*50cm and I managed to find these awesome frames from flea market. The digital photo, printing and frames cost 85€ altogether. The best 85€ I have ever spent! Ever!
Service was fast and super nice❤️