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Custom Cat Shaped Pillow

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Can I use my cat as a pillow? No! Get cat pillows instead.

Product Overview

Get ready for unmatched comfort with our exceptional variety of cat pillows. Our cat pillows, personalized with an image of your own feline friend, are truly unique. Made from soft, cuddly materials, these custom pillows are ideal for snuggling on the couch or enhancing your bedding with extra cat love.

Picture having a pillow that perfectly resembles your beloved cat. Order your custom cat pillow now and anticipate its arrival at your doorstep!

The Process Unveiled

  1. Upon placing your order, upload a snapshot of your cat.
  2. Our skilled artists will utilize the image to produce a tailored pillow exclusively for you.
  3. Feel free to provide input and request alterations until the design aligns with your satisfaction.
  4. Once perfection is achieved, we'll manufacture and dispatch your special cat pillow straight to you.

Selecting the Perfect Snapshot

To replicate your cat's appearance in pillow form, select a photograph wherein your cat is seated or standing. Opt for a close-up image teeming with intricate details. If uncertainty arises about the photograph's suitability, fret not! Consult us, and we'll offer assistance.

Anticipating Your Cat Pillow's Arrival

Following the completion of your cat pillow, preparation typically spans 2-6 days. A tracking number will be provided for package monitoring. Due to the holidays, shipping may take approximately 15-25 days. Acquire your personalized cat pillow today and relish the joy of snuggling up with a pillow that mirrors your beloved cat's visage!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
A Pillow for Christmas

Not sure how I came across your website, but I'm sure glad I did. I was looking for a Christmas present for my sorta picky husband. Our cat is in love with him. And vice versa. That's when I decided I'm going to give him a pillow of her. It's so unique I'm sure he will like it. Everyone else I've told about it is also sure he will like it. I think you did a fabulous job with the pillow. I would definitely recommend you and will order from you again. The only downside is that I've still got a little more than a month to wait until he opens this on Christmas.

Custom Cat Pillow

I ordered a pillow of our cat who recently passed away as a gift for my spouse’s birthday. This was my second purchase from Art Your Cat. Like the first, the finished product was great and the customer service was fantastic. The shipper had for some reason just left the pillow in Illinois for over a week, delaying its arrival to Pennsylvania, and instead of just throwing up their hands and saying “sorry! It’s out of our hands now!” Art Your Cat was responsive and looked into the issue, updating me along the way. While the pillow didn’t arrive in time for the birthday where it was intended to be gifted, it was still a much appreciated gift and I would absolutely order from Art Your Cat again.

Moriah R.
The best pillow ever!!

Everything from customer service, communication, and the product were absolutely top notch!!!

Persephone pillow

This is not my first experience with Art your Cat. I am very pleased with my purchase this time and always. They haven’t let me down yet!

Amy C.
My girls

I received a pillow from a friend when I lost my fur baby, it was wonderful and absolutely beautiful, I had to get another one for my other baby that passed away awhile ago. They are beautiful