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Hehe, my cat is a pillow

I got this pillow as a gift for my boyfriends father. He loves our cat and extra when she sleeps with him. Plus he is hard to shop for for Christmas. Purrfect, right? The pillow itself is super soft and met our expectations. Now he will always have the kitty to sleep with. Might need another for ourselves.

Nikole H.
5 stars


So Special

I received my pillow and blanket today. Thank you so much for giving me something I can hold onto after the passing of my sweet boy Oreo and for giving us crazy cat people this special gift of remembrance. Now I can give him a hug whenever I want. Your customer service is amazing. Emailing and getting back to me so quickly was just outstanding. I can’t thank you enough.

Renee M.
Very nice

The pillow was larger than I thought. It’s very well done and appears so life like. Her sister lays next to her he very day.

Alysha M.
Christmas present for a coworker

My coworker LOVES her cat Shadow, so I figured nothing would be better than to get her a pillow of him, she could take everywhere and anywhere. The picture I provided to them wasn’t the best quality as in showing his body, they contacted me to see if I could provide a better photo, which I couldn’t because it was a surprise and had to scour her Facebook for a decent picture, they said they will try their best with what picture I had provided! Upon arrival of the package I opened it and was stunned on how realistic the picture looked on the pillow. When I gave it to her, she was super happy and excited. Best gift I could give her.

Leah W.
Britney greatly missed

I purchased 2 art pillows of my 36 year old daughter’s cat Britney that passed away after 15 1/2 years as her best friend and constant companion. Tasha has special needs and has been in a severe depression since Britney’s passing. The pillow has been like a gift from heaven it is so realistic and never leaves Tasha side at bedtime and lots of other times yoo. It’s like she has come back home.Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Christine M.
Kitty Pillows!

I love the little pillow of my baby kittens! Now I can take them everywhere with me!!

Jamie P.

It looks just like my baby. I had got it for my son for his birthday and he loves it.

Wish you could hug (and squeeze) your cat or dog? Missing them so bad? Get your own custom hand-made Pet Cushion Pillow now, personalized with your beautiful pet. 

Simply send us a good clear picture of your pet (or someone else's pet) and we'll transform them into a Pet Cushions Pillow for you to do with as you please. 


Now, *close your eyes*, imagine a world where you can cuddle up with your cat all you want without it running away and rejecting you. Or think about sleeping with your dog and lie on it without being afraid that one day you'd suffocate them in your bed! Or sadly, if your best friend passed away and you miss them so much, this may help.

Yes. Cuddle up with your fake pet. Your preferred size, with a smooth intricate cutting tailored to the sexy body shape of the beast.

The Process 

  • Upload your best pet photo (Higher-resolution Photo = Better Quality)
    Can't find the best photo? Complete your order without and send it later via email.
  • Place your order
  • A shipping notification will be sent when your order is complete
  • Sit back and relax while your Custom Pet Cushion is being delivered to you. 

Note: Please keep in mind that the quality of the image on your finished pillow is directly related to the quality of your original photo. A clear higher resolution picture makes for a better end result. If your photo is not a high enough quality, we will be in touch to let you know. In addition, the background of the photo is removed


The Details

These quality Custom Hand made Pet Pillow cushion is constructed using a wonderfully heavy 100% cotton canvas, featuring an Ivory reverse and look best boasting a high-quality image.  

What an earth are you waiting for? Grab yourself a replica of your favorite furry faces in your home and never look back. Spice it up in your lounge and bedrooms!

Important Information
Due to high volume orders, please allow approximately 4-7 working days for production and dispatch. 


STANDARD SHIPPING - 5-15 days after fulfillment
EXPRESS – 3-7 days after fulfillment

5-25 business days after fulfillment

Shipping fees and discounts will apply at checkout

Have any questions? Chat with us via site chat or email to 

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