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Purrfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

November 20, 2019 2 min read

Purrfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect, unique gift for animal lovers this incoming Christmas?

I know how that feels so I have enumerated the best, personalized gift ideas for yourself and loved-ones that you can get at Art Your Cat!


Best gift for art lovers and animal lovers, and those who want an art dedicated or in memory of their pet.

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Art Your Cat’s employs a professional artist to work on the design of your pet’s portrait. Proof emails are sent to make sure that customers are satisfied. Moreover, expect high quality digital paint with ink that will hold up overtime and will not fade!

Purrr Blanket

Beat the cold seasons by sitting near a fire, wrapped oneself with a blanket, sip some warm drink, eat cookies, tell stories, or read a book! Make that moment for yourself or loved-one even more special by having it personalized. A wonderful, warm gift to cuddle with --as if your fur buddy is hugging you.

A dog in front of a blanket with its image on the blanket.

Professional cartoon artist creates a cute, handsome artwork for the blanket based on the picture you sent!

Cartoon Hoodie and T-Shirt

A beautiful, handsome cartoon artwork on a hoodie or shirt is another wonderful Christmas gift for yourself and loved ones.

Art Your Cat’s artist makes sure every detail is present, creating an exact replica of your pet in a cartoon version! You can even have up to 4 pets in one design and add your pet’s name.

An image of a man holding a cat with an image of the cat on his shirt.

Family of Cats Hoodie and T-Shirt

A great way to show someone how admirable they are for taking care and loving cats like a parent is to a child or a sibling towards a brother/sister is by gifting them this perfect apparel!

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Add names of your pet, choose names’ color, and change the headline. In addition, there is a customized artwork option for you to change the cat design or pet!

Phone Case 

If you are looking for a small, charming Christmas gift for iPhone and Samsung users, get them this strong, durable, and attractive phone case. Personalize it by choosing a background, add pet’s name, and finally upload the photo which the Art Your Cat’s artist will work on! They also offer unlimited revisions of your phone case design’ during the proof stage.

A phone case with an image of a cat printed on it.

Custom Shaped Handmade Pillow

Do you miss your pet or do you know someone who does? The customized pet cushion pillow is the perfect gift  this incoming Christmas. The receiver can bring it anywhere, cuddle it anytime, remember their fur buddies, and brighten up their mood!

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