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Custom Pearled Lady Throw Pillow

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Pearled Lady Custom Cat Throw Pillow - Experience Royal Comfort!

Product Description

Indulge in the dream of a pet throw pillow featuring your regal cat princess's portrait – the magic of a custom-made pillow! Own a uniquely regal pillow that celebrates your royal feline with exceptional comfort.

Picture a pillow adorned with the majestic visage of your feline princess, adding a touch of royal elegance to your sofa or bed. It's not just comfortable; it's a special celebration of your beloved royal companion.

What's Inside?

  • The cover features plush 100% Polyester fabric for softness and durability.
  • Encased within is a pillow, also made from 100% Polyester.
  • It discreetly includes a hidden zipper for a polished appearance.
  • Various size options are available to suit your preferences.

How to Get One

How The Process to Order Works. 1. Choose Costume. 2. Upload Photo 3. Place Order
  1. Select your preferred Pearled Lady pet portrait throw pillow and submit a picture of your princess cat when placing your order.
  2. Our highly skilled artists will craft a regal royal cat portrait fit for a kitty tiara.
  3. Communicate any desired alterations until it's just purr-fect for you.
  4. Once approved, we'll create the custom pillow and ship it your way, complete with a cat princess hat.

The Best Cat Picture

To create the ultimate royal cat portrait, select a photo of your cat princess sitting or standing regally. Ensure it's a close-up shot to capture all those adorable details. If uncertain, seek guidance from a trusted companion.

When Will It Come?

After crafting your custom pillow, we'll need about 2-6 days to prepare it for delivery. You'll receive a tracking number for your package's royal journey. For US customers, expect your regal feline princess pillow in approximately 3-7 days. If you reside elsewhere, delivery times may vary, but your exquisite cat princess crown pillow will soon grace your abode.

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Steps on how the process works: choose a costume, upload your photo, then place your order.

Choose Your Favorite Style

Get super cool cat pictures! You can put your cat's face on things like posters, clothes, and decorations.

Pick the Art You Like

Check out lots of different styles, from funny to serious. Find the one that shows your cat's specialness!

Upload Your Cat's Photo

Share a photo of your cat, and we'll make it into an amazing picture for your home. Great for people who love cats or want a cat vibe at home.