Remembering Our Blacky

Remembering Our Blacky

Honoring the Memory of My Beloved Cat, Blacky

Losing a precious family member (including pets) is never that easy to move on. I lost my cat Blacky 3 years ago and sometimes I can’t help feeling a bit sad. At first, I thought my cat was just adjusting to the change of my time at home and work. That wasn’t the case. He started to eat less and rested a lot so I tried to give most of my attention to him. I also brought my cat buddy to work that my boss was fine with it. His energy slightly improved but he was still in that condition. I didn’t know what to do so I had to bring my cat to the vet. I was told that it is possibly due to his old age –Yes he was not a kitten when I got him. I asked what this meant and he explained to me what my cat Blacky was going through.

A Journey of Love, Loss, and Healing

Do you know what it feels like when you hear that your cat buddy’s sick and there’s nothing much to do? Some people think men don’t cry but I did once I got home. I hugged him softly, telling him that everything was going to be fine. I called my family and some friends who knew my best cat partner Blacky. Told them what was happening even though the words that came from my mouth felt numb.

Every day was precious between the two of us. I mostly brought him wherever I go but I try to be careful so I won’t make things worse. I took lots of pictures and kept many precious memories. In his last month, my mom and sister and a few friends took their time with Blacky. They loved him, especially my sister who cried when she saw her favorite cat niece. I could not cry because I was trying my best to show that I am okay.

When Blacky’s time came, all emotions came. It’s not easy to get over it. I’d look at his pictures and you know just smile and remember those fond days. Years passed and he was still in my thoughts. I got a second cat this year when I felt that I have moved on from Blacky’s passing. Her name is Lady Holly and I am loving her as much as I can.

Turning Precious Memories into Beautiful Art

One time, my coworker showed me this online store that does art stuff on animals. I just nodded and continued with my job. When I got home, I saw that Lady Holly (my current cat) was looking at me and she ran. I saw that she broke a glass framed picture of my buddy. I checked if Holly was fine, and it seems no broken glass got into her paws. I went out of the house for fresh air while I held my Blacky’s picture. For a few minutes I stared at it. I just suddenly remembered what my coworker showed to me and I thought of it. I didn’t want my cat to get hurt if I replaced the frame at the same time I wanted Holly to meet my buddy.

I asked my co-worker for the site and that was how I got to know Art Your Cat. I looked for pictures on my camera or phone and I had to ask those who might have one to send it to me. Picked out the best pictures and one during his last days. I had the store do a canvas of him. It doesn’t matter if I spent a bit of my savings. He was my buddy and best friend so he is worth it. When everything was finalized between my side and Art Your Cat’s artist, I waited. Work kept my mind from excitement and wanting to ask them to check my order.

A New Chapter of Love and Friendship

Once I got the canvas art, I held my breath for a few seconds, Blacky’s happy eyes flashed into my mind. I could not help my lips from forming a smile, I hanged two of the cat canvas art in my living room and one in my room. I held Lady Holly and told her stories of my cat Blacky. Sometimes, she’d stare between my buddy and me. I also promised Holly that I would get one for her next time too.

You can’t help remove a bit of pain when you remember them but you can fill your heart with joy when you think of them as you look at pictures and art. They won’t ever disappear because my Blacky is here with us as long as I don’t forget.

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Just lost my cat and would like a portrait of him laying down, wonder what that will cost?


Rip Blacky 😿


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