Reducing Anxiety and Stress Level

with the Power of Cats and Pets

Fear. Stress. And anxiety. A lot of people  around the world are experiencing what you feel, and they have the questions beginning with “how,” what,” and “why.” It is expected to have any of those reactions during this worldwide pandemic. However experiencing all three daily may negatively affect your physical, emotional, and mental state! How then can one reduce the anxiety and stress level? One way is to boost your positive mood with the power of your cats and pets! 

Social Interaction

The truth is some people are not used to staying at home most of the time and there are those whose energy is boosted through social interaction. In addition, staying in touch with friends and family through social media sites, video calls, or texts may not be enough.

A human hand and cat paw fiving each other.

Cats and pets can fill in that need for social interaction and companionship! They are a great listener and a keeper of secrets, a comfort when loneliness strikes, and a good distraction that brings ease and peace when one is scared and stressed.


A cat playing with a post and toy.

Play interactive games and do some walking exercise with your pets as this will keep you busy and moving. Such activities, including petting and talking with them, will help produce Oxytocin, Beta- endorphins, and Dopamine. These neurochemicals in the brain in turn boosts your positive emotions and improves your sleep, lowering your stress and anxiety level.

Happy and Calm

Relax, relieve the tension, and allow yourself to enjoy the small moment with your feathered/fur babies as you pet them, snuggle with them, watch your fish swim, and listen to your parrot repeat what you say. Such a warm, family interaction will bring lots of smiles, laughter, and a calm feeling to you and your loved-one.

A dog having it's tummy rubbed.


Cats and pets remind us that they are there and they know that something is wrong. In their own little way, they will wake you up, look at you to pet and play with them, some would follow their parents, and the rest is to let us feel that it’s okay. Allow the love and care from them and your loved-ones be the fire to motivate you and pull you up from drowning in fear, worry, and negative thoughts!

A woman with a cat on top of her desk.

To conclude, cats and pets are great companions and motivators, but they also require our love, care, and attention during this COVID-19. How have your fur/feathered babies helped you cope? And what interactive activities can you suggest to cat and pet lovers which may lead to lessening stress and anxiety? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below😻

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