My Hope and My Purpose

My Hope and My Purpose

Finding My Path Through Furry Companions

My parents kept on telling me it’s bad to watch cartoons and animes and playing arcade games. They told me that as a girl I must go and make girlfriends or get a boyfriend. I would ignore what they said. I gave up my 16 years of life to reach their expectations and I just lost it. I love them and I gave my best but it became the reason I have nothing. I don’t know what I like and what do I actually want to do. I didn’t have those questions not until I was faced with a blank page of my college and career. I just wrote what my parents kept conversing during dinner.

Our teacher talked to each of her students about their choices, and when it was my turn, I answered like a robot. My teacher did not push me to make my own path… she gave questions for me to answer to myself –think about it. I was lost. My friends tried to help me “loosen up” by going out, watching, drinking, and playing arcade games. Of course, my parents were so disappointed at me that they decided to place all expectations on my older brother.

I was 17-years old when I was kicked out of the house because my mom could not take it anymore. My parents provided me an apartment and told me not to cause any trouble. I did stay away from trouble and ran away from reality. I didn’t notice that I missed entering college…What did I want to do? “Wait I gotta finish this then I might take some time to think about it.” I kept on delaying facing my life until my brother visited me.

Hope: A Beacon of Light in My Darkest Days

My brother forgave me in spite of the expectations of my parents fell on his shoulders. He gave his best to reach out to me… and he brought someone with him this time. In the box he held, I could hear the sound of a kitten. “He wouldn’t do this to me,” I thought.

That loud furball in that box was now my responsibility. I was angry at my brother but I think it was the best moment of my life. I named her “it” at first, later on, she was called Hope. She pulled my attention from fiction to reality, my eyes were slowly opening, and “baam” I was hit with the present. I held my kitten Hope as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I love Hope so much it became a decision for me to care for her more. She became the reason my brother and I talk longer during his visits –mainly on Hope. I was 20 years old when I made the choice to enter college. It was because my brother and Hope were my strength to stand-up and face life and become better.

Stray's Influence: From Lost to a Life with Purpose

On my way home from college last year, I brought to my apartment an abandoned cat which I found outside my college campus. I named him Stray and he was the one who influenced my decision to work part-time at an animal shelter. I wanted to help cats, dogs, and other pets that didn’t have a place to call home. I discovered another purpose in my life.

Without Hope and Stray, I would not be the person I am today. Until now, I am still thankful of my brother for bringing home that furball that time when I was so lost and confused in life. As a gift to myself and brother, I bought a personalized cartoon shirt from Art your Cat. The staff were kind and helpful to me. I really felt their care for their customers because they made sure that the art is just right by communicating between the artist and myself. When I received it, they did what I imagined. I love wearing this shirt. Some people carry quotes or celebrities on their shirt but I carry my cats who has brought me hope and joy in life. How about you? Do you have a furball who has given you hope?

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