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6 Tips to Introduce Cats to Each Other

6 Tips to Introduce Cats to Each Other

Introducing a new cat to your feline ? Be sure to read our post of "6 Ways to Introduce Cats to Other Cats" for tips!

This is especially important for cats who have been rescued from a shelter, been surrendered by a previous owner, or have just been adopted from the humane society. In that situation, the new cat is likely very stressed and needs time to adjust and feel safe in his new surroundings.

1. Gently Handle The Cats Together

If you want to introduce any cat to another cat, the best way is to slowly approach them and gently handle them together. This will allow the cats to get used to each other, instead of getting scared of each other too soon.

2. Offering Treats

Cats are notorious for their need to snack. They will be looking for food all day if you let them, so it's important to keep them fed at regular intervals.

A great way to do this is by offering your cat treats as a reward or incentive. You can find these in any store that sells pet products, and many of them are designed specifically for cats. The best treats are highly nutritious and help your cat maintain a healthy weight over time.

Some people believe that it is safe to feed their cats dog food because it is the same ingredients as cat food but this is not true! Dogs require more protein than cats do, so feeding your cat dog food will lead to malnutrition and could even be fatal.

3. Place Them Next to Each Other for a While & Let them Sniff Each Other

Introducing cats to each other is a process that requires patience and a lot of time. There are many ways to introduce two felines – but it always starts with the sniff test.

The sniff test is important because it can tell you whether or not the cats will be able to live together in one household. The reason for this is because there are smells from different parts of our anatomy that we can’t smell, but cats can. There are also smells that we find attractive, but a cat might find it offensive or vice versa.

To avoid stressful incidents in the household, it is important to give cats time to adjust to one another. Allow them plenty of space without crowding them, and make sure they have plenty of opportunity to meet each other’s smells. 

4. Provide Toys for Both of Them to Engage in Playtime Alone or Together

Cats spend a lot of time playing throughout their lifetime, and playtime is an important part of helping them to live happy and healthy lives. Cats are natural explorers, so playtime is a great way to help them develop skills related to hunting prey.

Playing alone has the advantage of being able to engage in play time without interruption, but it may also lack the cuddling and companionship that comes with playing with friends.

"Solo cat play time with toys" can encourage cats to explore new areas of the house on their own terms or forage for food.

5. Let The cats Share the Same Room Gradually and See What Happens!

Cats may not be the best when they are in the same room together. They tend to fight, territorial and at times they will even urinate on each other's coats and beds. But introducing cats to each other can be a challenging task for many people. Cats at times don't like one another and will do everything they can to avoid contact with one another.

So it is best for cat owners to introduce their cats over a few weeks' time. Let them share the same room for two or three days, then separate them for about four days, then introduce them again for another two or three days before separating them again. This gradual introduction process will help cats get used to one another more easily and with less stress on both of them! 

6. Bring In Another Cat or Animal that Gets Along Well With Others into the Room (& then Leave!)

Some cats are not so friendly with other cats, so this step can be skipped if you have a cat that does not get along well with others. But if you have more than one cat at home, this is a great way to have them meet each other. You will need to find a new friend for your original kitty and the best way to do that is by going outside.


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