6 Surprising Valentine's Gift Ideas Purrfect for Loved-One

January 31, 2020 2 min read

6 Surprising Valentine's Gift Ideas Purrfect for Loved-One

6 Surprising Valentine's Gift Ideas

 Purrfect for Loved-One

Are you having a hard time finding a unique, surprising gift for your loved-one this incoming Valentine? Do they love cats and other pets? We’ve got the purrfect gift item list for you that will ease your stress and bring overflowing joy and happiness to your lover! 

Remember, there are a lot of ways to express your love to someone on Valentine's day and one of them is by giving him/her a gift to let them know much you care and know them! 

1. Respect Royal Cat Ruler

Your lover is your king or queen but never underestimate their small cute cat partner!

They are the true rulers of their human companions.

Symbolize your acceptance, love, and adoration towards the both of them by giving your loved-one a royal king or princess cat portrait.

We’ve got the best royal, professional artists in the entire kingdom who can make a purrfecct digital painting of their pets. Your partner will surely be amazed by the transformation of their furry buddy and child!

2. Convey Affection 

How can you communicate “warmth” and “love” to your partner? 


As the cold touches your lover’s skin, drape the cat Valentine’s blanket between you two, and cuddle up with that special person --whisper sincere words from your heart to her ear. 

Purrfect for a sweet couple moment in February.

3. - 4. Practical Love Gifts 

Have your lover laugh and smile when you dance around while wearing this funny kitchen apron of a passionate chef cat!   


Stop for a moment to serve him/her favorite drink placed in the LOVE custom mug with their pet’s face on it to make the occasion more special and thoughtful.

5.  Best Valentine’s Jewelry


One of the top valentine’s gifts to surprise and bring happiness to your partner is a unique and elegant bracelet holding a memorable photo of their lovable, adorable cat. Moreover, you can add a meaningful text behind the lovely charm carrying the cat’s photo.

6. Special E-Gift Card

If you don’t know what cat-related gift you can get for your loved-one, our egift card is purrfect for them! Our store has a lot of adorable items they can buy with a $50, $100 or $200 gift card.

Need help finding the purrfect gift? Feel free to message us here or email us at meow@artyourcat.com and we’ll help you pick a Valentine’s present!

Art Your Cat Admin
Art Your Cat Admin

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