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10 Fun and Easy DIY Cat Toys to Make at Home

What Are Fun and Easy DIY Cat Toys to Make at Home?

From cardboard to catnip, we'll explore a variety of fun and easy DIY cat toy ideas that you can craft at home using common household items. These budget-friendly options are not only great for your cat's enjoyment but also are a simple way to care for your cat. Not only will your cat love the toys, but you'll also have fun making them.

Cardboard Tube Puzzle Toy

One of the most straightforward DIY cat toys is a puzzle toy using a cardboard tube. Simply cut the tube into small rings and glue them back together in random order. Fill the tube with treats and watch as your cat tries to figure out how to get to them.

Felt Mice

Felt mice are classic cat toys that are easy to make. Cut out a mouse shape from felt, stuff it with catnip, and sew it up. Your cat will love batting it around and pouncing on it.

Feather Wand Toy

Feather wands are a great way to get your cat moving and jumping. Simply tie a feather to a string and attach it to a stick. You can add bells or other noise makers to make it more fun.

T-Shirt Cat Tent

If you have an old t-shirt, you can turn it into a cozy cat tent. Cut off the sleeves and use them to tie the shirt to a table or chair. Your cat will love curling up inside and taking a nap.

Catnip Sock Toy

Fill a sock with catnip and tie it off to create a fun and easy catnip toy. You can even add some bells or crinkle material to make it more interesting.

Ping Pong Ball Tower

Stack a few cardboard boxes together and cut holes in the sides. Drop a ping pong ball inside and watch as your cat tries to bat it around and get it out of the holes.

Yarn Ball Puzzle Toy

Wrap a ball of yarn around a small cardboard box and tuck the end of the thread inside. Your cat will have fun unraveling the ball to get the prize inside.

Cat Treat Dispenser

Take an old plastic bottle and cut a small hole in the side. Fill the bottle with treats and watch as your cat figures out how to get them out.

Toilet Paper Roll Toy

A simple toilet paper roll is one of the most straightforward DIY cat toys. Simply crumple it up and watch as your cat has a blast batting it around the room.

Sisal Rope Scratching Post

If your cat loves to scratch, you can make them a scratching post using sisal rope. Simply wrap the cord around a base or board and secure it. Your cat will love having their own place to scratch.

These are just a few ideas for fun and easy DIY cat toys. Not only are they affordable and easy to make, but they'll also provide the toy, leaving a small section of the tail still sticking out. This will create a fun and interactive toy your cat will love to chase and pounce on.


There's no need to spend much money on expensive cat toys when you can easily make your own at home. You can create toys that will keep your cat entertained and happy with just a few simple materials. Not only can you make DIY cat toys, but you can satisfy them with fun and interactive games, too.

Always supervise your cat while they play with toys, and never leave them unattended. It's crucial to ensure that your DIY toys are safe and sturdy and that your cat can't accidentally ingest any small parts or materials.

So go ahead and try making some of these fun and easy DIY cat toys today. Your cat will thank you! Order a portrait, a piece of decor, some apparel, or accessories from Art Your Cat while you play!

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