Meow - Cat Ears Hoodie - Art Your Cat

Meow - Cat Ears Hoodie


Can you hear that?

Sounds like compliments from your family and friends coming when you wear our NEW Meow - Cat Ears Hoodie! 

Ever imagine yourself dressing up as a cat? There are many ways to express yourself, but why not through adorable hoodies?  Here's the purr-fect outfit for you! With over 4 colors to choose from, our Meow - Cat Ears Hoodie will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. What do you think, cat lovers? I'm all ears.  Get yours meow!

Product Features:

  • Adorable hood with cat ears made from cotton that’ll surely keep you warm!
  • The body is made from cotton and polyester. Paw-some for the coming season!
  • Statement hoodie that screams “Meow” will tell the world that you are a cat lover.

Comes in four colors and different sizes, perfect for young and old cat lover.